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Chain Links: Knoflookmaynaise & Bar Harbor


Nearly 700 Red Lobsters will be remodeled to look like Bar Harbor, Maine by 2014. If you’ve never been to Bar Harbor, Maine, this is what it looks like (sort of–Bar Harbor is 97% white). You can search for the nearest Bar Harborized location to you. Bridgeport, CT is as close as it gets here. Brooklyn's waiting. [press release]

“Gaucho will be launching an Amsterdam-inspired contemporary steakhouse in the UK” is an attention-grabbing caption. So, a Dutch interpretation of an Argentine steakhouse brought to England. The menu looks fairly sane, though you’re not likely to find Grote Gamba’s Met Knoflookmaynaise in Buenos Aires. I think that’s just their way of saying prawns with aioli. [Big Hospitality]

Disneyworld’s Pollo Campero just opened and the official Disney Parks Food Writer has the scoop. For no discernable reason, they also sell vegan cupcakes from BabyCakes NYC. [Disney Parks Blog]

Miami-based Pollo Tropical, which might seem like an international chain, is expanding north and south into Latin America and Canada. Apparently, Canadians are the leading foreign visitors to Miami. Perhaps they are bringing back a taste for yellow rice and yuca. I will not be satisfied until they're eating poutine in the Florida Keys. [NRN]

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