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Chain Links: Eat Like an Egyptian


Heinz ad from The Inspiration Room

When you think you’ve heard of everything, you can still be caught off guard by an unknown chain like Nick-N-Willy’s. I didn’t even know that take-and-bake pizzas were still a thing, let alone that they’d want them in Egypt. [press release]

Not to be left out of the lucrative Middle Eastern market, Schlotzsky’s, a chain I know by name only, is heading to Egypt and will spread to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. [press release]

Egypt is going for the trifecta of third-tier brands. Maybe you’ve heard of the Dixie Cream Donut Company? Magdi Rizk, co-owner of the franchise company Vision Brands astutely observes that Egypt’s doughnut market is “vastly untapped.” The bacon-on-everything market is probably also untapped in Egypt—someone should jump on that. [QSRweb]

They were lining up for Krispy Kremes in Bangkok. I guess the malls are now safe for American doughnuts. [CNNGo]

Dairy Queen is getting bigger in China and not just in the big cities. You just know they’re putting red beans on their soft serve.  [Bloomberg]

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