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Chain Links: Turkish Delights

Turkish sbarro

Once again, faraway lands succeed where New York fails. Brooklyn just got its first Arby’s earlier this year and now Turkey will be getting 50 in the next five years? The Tab Gida group already franchises Sbarro, Popeye’s and Burger King in Turkey, so maybe Beef ‘n Cheddars are no big whoop. [QSR]

Yum! Brands is popular in China, and not just because of KFC and Pizza Hut. The company was wise enough to realize that locals will only eat so much Western food, hence the creation of East Dawning, a Chinese fast food restaurant. I wish they’d import one to the states. [Forbes]

The UK doesn’t have a surfeit of Mexican fast food so new entries, Chipotle and Taco Bell might have a chance for success (even though Taco Bell already failed once). Whether or not Ruby Tuesday, which just opened its first UK location in Cardiff, will win over the Brits is up for debate. [The Independent]

Turkish Sbarro photo from Bayim Olur musun.

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