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Oh, I’m Sneering

Babyrestaurant I celebrated my last birthday, number 37, at Cafe Boulud.

Meenakshi, the two-year-old daughter of the author who penned this week’s irritant in The New York Times, “Fine Dining Where Strollers Don’t Invite Sneers,” also marked the passing of another year at this Upper East Side restaurant. Toddlers love goat-cheese risotto balls, it turns out.

The types of parents who thinks it’s adorable that L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon will provide DVD players showing Shrek, are also those deluded into thinking that servers enjoy cleaning up after kids.

I’ve never worked in a restaurant but I have a hard time believing that the waiter at Fred’s “…was amused, not annoyed, by Meenakshi’s game of dropping her plastic cutlery on the floor more than a dozen times so he could pick it up."

Sounds like a fun game. You know what might be more fun? Getting stoned and watching Babies.

Saigon baby restaurant photo from miandering.

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