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Chains For Good

Sweet dreams

I was like whatever when I heard about Blue Marble Ice Cream opening the new Brooklyn Bridge Park because big shared outdoor spaces are useless to me. (Seriously, I looked at a few One Brooklyn Bridge condos, and the neighboring park as selling point backfired. The Manhattan views were lovely, but you’d have to wear blinders. I’m trying to escape the families, bikes, strollers, dogs and lollygaggers of Carroll Gardens, not have hundreds of them concentrated outside my home.)

But Blue Marble Ice Cream in Rwanda? That’s totally different. The Brooklyn-based company has been involved in a training program teaching local women how to run a business. Inzozi Nziza, a.k.a. Sweet Dreams, touted as the country’s first ice cream show, will open June 5.

The big unanswered question is are Rwandans familiar with ice cream and do they like it? And even bigger—what will the flavors be?

So Cool: Blue Marble Opens Rwanda’s First Ice-Cream Shop [Grub Street]

Photo from Blue Marble Dreams

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