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Spritea Sanjeev Chadha, chairman of PepsiCo India is big on "Indovations." Corny? I thought so until I read about the Willy Wonka-esque concept behind Slice, a mango soda. In order to appeal to the regional tastes of Indians devoted to their local mango varieties, "PepsiCo scientists combined different mango flavor notes into this one drink…Depending on your favorite variety, that's the flavor you notice when drinking it." Problem solved.

Nestle is merely trying to "Indianise" their products in order to grow the market that currently only makes up 1.5% of their total sales. No details on what this Indianizing will entail. Kulfi Drumsticks (not to be confused with saragawa, colloquially known as drumsticks in India)?

Japanese food companies are also trying to expand beyond their own borders, and they know what sells. One approach is to "capitalize on cute Asian-themed characters like koalas and pandas."  Hello Kitty wine?

Sprite is more popular than Coke in China. In fact, it's the number one selling soda in the country, which is why Spritea, Sprite flavored with green tea, is only logical. (In Japan they've already added green tea to Coke and shiso to Pepsi.)

Spritea photo from Hong Kong Express.

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