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Kim Gary

Kim Gary serves Hong Kong-style cuisine in Malaysia and Singapore. Chinese with last-century Western touches like the cheese-baked rice dishes on many tables. So many layers, so completely un-American. We ate in the middle of a mall in Penang.

Kim gary interior

You are handed like five different laminated photo-filled menus. It’s overwhelming; the food is nonsensical as it is. I’m still not clear if the diner is supposed to mark off the items they want on the black and white order sheet or if the waitress is supposed to. We let her do it.

Kim gary borsh

“Borsch” comes with the combo meals. Bastardized Russian food, the product of mid-century émigrés, still lingers in Hong Kong. I don’t think a beet had come anywhere near this soup. This was tomato-based and had a few soft carrot coins floating around.

Kim gary shanghai ribs

Shanghai ribs were nothing special, tough meat in sweetish soy sauce atop rice with corn and broccoli.

Kim gary meat fries

Meat fries because why not?

Kim gary

Kim Gary * Gurney Plaza, Penang, Malaysia

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