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Chain Links: Oolong Blizzards

A Q&A with Unnat Varma , director marketing-KFC, Yum! Restaurants India reveals that KFC is trying to target “non-sensitive vegetarians,” the estimated 50% of Indian vegetarians who don’t eat meat but don’t mind eating in a place that serves it. 

Yum! Brands already has a presence in Brazil and Chile, and they’ll be getting ten more KFCs and Pizza Huts this year.

CNN’s recently re-tuned living section has a piece on localized fast food menus. Angry commenters complain that this isn’t news and dub the author “dumbest writer ever.” Jeez, what did the Maharaja Mac ever do to you?

Localizing menus is a fine balance. Dairy Queen is expanding to Macao where they’ll serve Green tea Blizzards (oolong is being tested) of course, and no bacon for Egypt.

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