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Big in America

Big america McDonald’s Japan just launched their first Quarter Pounder in a series of four burgers paying homage to the US, a.k.a.”Big American Taste.” The Texas has barbecue sauce, of course, as well as bacon, mustard relish and fried onions. Sort of makes sense. I can also see the logic behind the California with a red wine sauce. However, I have no idea how Monterrey Jack figures into the New York and the pineapple-free Hawaiian surprises me.>Oddly, the phrase Big American Taste has been used by US Burger King in a confusing ad for BK Burger Shots that invokes Japanese technology.

It’s enough to drive one to drink…which you can now do at Burger King Japan. Whiskey highballs for ¥350 after 5pm. $3.84? Isn’t Tokyo supposed to be expensive?

Photo from Steve Nagata via Flickr

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