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Chicken-Fried Riblets


Being a food introvert, when I a trend starts getting out control I step aside rather than jumping into the fray. Not so that I can be one of those “I’m already over it” people, but because why bother adding to the noise? Quick, I’d better step up my drinking fresh coconut juice while walking down the street game.

So, no fried chicken yapping from me. New York has a slew of fried chicken coverage this week, though. I was saddened to note that New Caporal got fifth place out of a tasting of five fast food joints. Granted, I haven’t been there in ages so maybe their handiwork has gone downhill, or maybe I’m just partial to their gun-toting chick mascot. Popeye’s came in at number one.

Also buried deep in all this fried chicken coverage is the news that Stephen Tanner, formerly of Egg and Pies and Thighs, will be bringing some chain flavor to the old Black Betty space. “Tanner says will serve bar food like Applebee’s, ‘but better.’” Williamsburg riblets!

New Caporal photo from Eating in Translation

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