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It’s a Slam Dunk

Not shockingly, Dunkin' Donuts takes the top spot in the new Center for an Urban
Future snapshot, "Return of the Chains" and the report isn't even focused on food just "national retailers." There are 429 in NYC, 88 more than in 2008.

As a Portland, Oregon native I've always found the pervasiveness of Dunkin' Donuts on the east coast kind of surprising. I grew up with them but they've slowly gone out of business. Last year the lone remaining location in the state capital shut its doors and I think they're extinct in Washington and California, as well. Not all of America runs on Dunkin'.

Getting more micro, with a mere 11 chain stores, 11231 (which they're calling Red Hook) is the Brooklyn zip code with the fourth least amount of chains (can you even say fourth least?). No wonder I feel so deprived. 11234/Flatlands is the winner with 132.

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