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Hot Potato

Rescue me

I didn’t start watching Rescue Me until this season. It’s entertaining in a guy-centric douchey way akin to Entourage but kind of smarter and more introspective. Normally, I hate starting shows in the middle (one reason why I’ve given up on ever taking up Mad Men. The first episode didn’t draw me in, it got removed from the DVR queue by the time the show got so popular it was too late for me) but beginning with season five hasn’t bothered me yet.

Of course that means that I have no idea who this woman from Lou’s past is. I gather she was a prostitute and stole his life savings. Hey, these things happen. But she’s back with a vengeance and is so sorry and changed in her ways that she’s proposing marriage with an engagement ring in the mashed potatoes. I do appreciate the role reversal even if it means embracing the hidden ring cliché.

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