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Fatty Fatty 2x4s

Fatquilts Wow, so much (mostly snarky) blog chatter about fat acceptance today (thanks, to this New York Times article). As if it were a new and radical concept. Has dieting  ever been a cure all or route to happiness?

Didn't we just see another study about how the overweight (not obese, mind you) live longer than both the average and underweight? An extra 20 pounds isn't going to kill anyone, I'm afraid, it'll just make you the subject of scorn, shame and derision. Maybe you will wish you were dead.

Meanwhile, soon-to-depart restaurant critic, Frank Bruni, confesses to being a "baby bulimic."

"Competitive Non-Eating Between Women" is a fun game discussed at

The current New Yorker has a round-up review of books about why Americans are so fat and disgusting.

Even Fox News thinks eating-disordered fat-hating MeMe Roth has gone too far. That's saying something. [via Jezebel]

 Ok, I'm off to the banh mi cart. My brought-from-home 80-calorie low-sodium tomato-red pepper soup lunch is bringing me down.

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