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Beyond Chilean Sea Bass

Aaron sanchez at prochile lunch I balk at broadcasting freebies-to-me (what few there are) but Chilean food is so scarce in NYC (to my knowledge we only have so-so Pomaire in the Theater District and wonderful San Antonio Bakery #2 in Astoria) that I feel ok with mentioning the ProChile promotional menu being offered at Centrico until July 3. Who cares if it’s a Mexican restaurant—chef Aaron Sanchez makes a convincing ambassador for the South American country’s products. (I was most taken with merken, a spice blend using dried, smoked cacho de cabra chiles and coriander.)

The continent’s cuisine is certainly gaining in popularity. Peruvian chef Gaston Acurio opened his first American restaurant last fall and appears to have plans for US expansion (I almost tried Astrid y Gaston in Madrid a few months ago but it didn’t seem right to be eating high end Peruvian food in Spain). And grill master Francis Mallmann seems to be everywhere lately due to his new cookbook, “Seven Fires: Grilling the Argentine Way.” Could Chile be next?

These are the four courses you'll receive for $35 at Centrico.

Ceviche de salmon

Ceviche de Salmon
Chilean salmon, myrtle berries, chile habanero, passion fruit

Tostadas de centolla

Tostadas de Centolla
Chilean king crab, merken aioli, baby lettuces, avocado

Lomo de carne

Lomo de Carne
Strip loin, Olave salsa verde, bone marrow, cactus fingerling potato picadillo

Chilean olive oil cake with carica

Chilean Olive Oil Cake with Carica
Chilean honey ice cream and Miski goat’s milk dulce de leche cream

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  1. lisa #

    and wonderful San Antonio Bakery #2 in Astoria)

    Not to be rude in any way, but is there a San Antonio Bakery #1?

    June 25, 2009

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