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Tater Nots

The recession certainly brings out strange recipes in the name of thriftiness. Internet sensation Great Depression Cooking with Clara can concoct hot dog potato hash because she’s 93 years old and who’s to argue.

But when I open an e-mail touting the Idaho Potato Commission’s, “Watching Waistlines and Wallets” (hey, two of my favorite things) and see a dish called Fruity Idaho® Potato Breakfast Squares, I am frightened. There is also another user-contributed recipe for Chocolate Chip Idaho® Potato Poppers.

I grew up in a state that bordered Idaho; I understand a potato’s appeal yet the only sugary tater chimera I ever want to see is an Idaho Spud, one of my favorite candies.

I will admit that I appreciate the cross-cultural attempts in the more savory non-wallet-watching categories. Roy Yamaguchi of the Financial District’s recently departed Roy’s provides a way complicated recipe with lots of impossible to source ingredients (unless you live in Hawaii). His Lasagna of Idaho Potato with Halibut and Lemon Grass Curry Sauce uses Kona crab claws, masago caviar and Waimanalo corn kernels.

And chef Julian Medina’s Idaho Potato and Huitlacoche Soup with Oaxaca Cheese Croutons is probably not getting whipped up in homes around the nation either. Granted, it’s considerably easier than the Casuelitas & Carnitas requiring tamales from scratch made from lard and masa harina

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