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Chain Me Up

A fast food chain with no presence in NYC rumored for the former Gage & Tollner space? What could it be? I’m dying to know. That’s not sarcasm, I really want to know. Didn’t a TGI Friday’s already set up shop there briefly?

The old-timey interior is landmarked so it’s not like you could just stick a Sonic in there easily. I wouldn't argue with a classy Sonic, though. I vote for Cheesecake Factory, but that’s not really fast food.

What’s missing in NYC? In-N-Out (never going to happen), Red Robin? Fuddruckers? Panera Bread? Cracker Barrel? Waffle House? Minus In-N-Out, non of those are technically fast food either. Chick-fil-A? (NYU cafeteria doesn't count). We don't have Dairy Queen now that I think about it. Help!

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