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Another Case Against Shoveling Your Food

You put Mormons and milkshakes together and hilarity is bound to ensue. A gentleman from New Mexico got the bright idea of stashing an engagement ring in his sweetheart’s Frosty while out with friends at  Wendy's. And as LDS members are wont to do, an impromptu ice cream eating contest began. Chug! Chug! Chug!

Sure enough, the game girlfriend chowed down to the bottom of her cup with no ring to show for her efforts. After Kaitlin Whipple was sent home from the hospital with a most romantic x-ray she set about the serious business of reclaiming her prize.

“‘Everybody stocked me up on fiber and prune juice and everything we could think of, and pills just to make that thing come out!’ Kaitlin said.”

Two days later that Metamucil paid off. Aww…dreamy.

More via the New York Daily News

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