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Aw, Nuts

Is it normal to eat five peanut butter and jelly sandwiches a day? Someone I know was asked by HR to have a talk with one of his staff members who has been taking advantage of the free peanut butter and jelly provided to the company as part of some health initiative. Said culprit also walked off with three slices of a cake (king cake, I wonder?) another coworker had brought back from a trip to New Orleans.

These are people who make what I assume to be six figures so the greedy gus may be hungry, but he’s certainly not hard up for food. Is there a logical explanation?

One, I think it’s funny that this type of thing would get reported to a superior (my company doesn’t even have an HR department). And two, how on earth do you approach such a topic with an employee? “So, I hear you really enjoy your PB&Js?” Maybe I could get Social Qs to advise
(and yes, I'm still pissed that comments are no longer allowed on that column).

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