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Why So Possessive of That S?

I’m not even close to a grammarian, mostly because my grammar sucks and I make up rules as I go along. I can't properly use commas for shit and for absolutely no reason whatsoever I’ve been doing the s’s (Thomas’s muffin) for years and then yesterday decided to stop.

With that said, the white trash S, adding an S or an apostrophe S typically to a proper noun a la Barnes & Nobles, makes me violent. I’ll admit that sometimes I catch myself starting to say things like Nordstroms and sometimes it slips out, but I can’t allow it in print.

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen steakhouse, Peter Luger, written as Luger’s (not being used as a possessive). I noticed it on TV this weekend and I just spied it on a blog seconds ago. It's so commonplace that I'm staring to wonder if I'm in the wrong and even more grammatically misguided than I originally thought.

Closer to home, I’ve even seen this site referred to as Goodie’s First. Frankly, I can let that one slide because a mention is a mention and I take what I can get.

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