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Don’t Candy Coat It

Mms Is putting your mug on an M&M old news? I noticed a banner ad the other day that showed what looked to be wedding favors, M&Ms with the newly married couple’s faces on them. I was skeeved out, but it doesn’t take much to put me in that state. If they’d personalized a Jordan almond I might’ve been more forgiving.

I see all sorts of wretched I Do(nut) applications for this sweet technology.

I guess that speculating what that M&M inside of you looks like ran its course and we’ve now resorted to simply stamping our likenesses on the candy shell?

I will admit to a weakness for mass customization, though. Take a gander at what you can do with dolls. My Twinn introduced me to this creepy concept a decade ago and AndGor and Tiny Pocket People have been carrying on the tradition.

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