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Cute Overload: Plush Edition

Oh my god, how many sewn, knitted and crocheted renditions of food exist in the world? There’s a whole softie subculture (not to be confused with furries) that’s nearly too wide-ranging to wrap my head around. Squishy is good but squishy with faces is even better. Next to blue food, anthropomorphism is about as good as it gets.

I went on a Nyanko buying binge a few years ago and have tried to temper my mania for cats disguised as food. Now I’m attempting to be more selective; the first type of cuteness I can weed out is crochet. To be honest, all that nubbiness gives me the creeps. There’s something too cigarette-smoke-and-wet-dog-infested-afghan about it for my liking.

Here are three items I could live with.


I can’t look at these felt egg tarts for too long or they’ll make me crap myself with glee. Maybe that’s the true meaning of the term Cutesypoo.


My Paper Crane has ridiculously sweet products. The bruised banana is sad cute, but I won’t be able to rest until I get the plush moldy bread.


Sweet Meats don’t have faces but I don’t love them any less. 

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  1. oh wow, i totally dug nyanko a few years back too. i think my lack of employment at the time might have something to do with me not purchasing all the hamburgered and watermeloned cats i could get my hands on.

    the egg tart is a good solution – temporary cuteness, costs little and no evidence of your obsession after digesting 🙂

    October 9, 2007

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