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Saga Blue

Saga is the poor man’s soft blue cheese. It’s not dirt cheap at around $9.99/lb, but it’s the most likely variety to be had from middle of the road grocery stores. Usually, I only resort to it when I’m desperate. I guess I was desperate Saturday because during a Fairway run it was the only soft blue prepackaged on display (not only was my favorite Castello Blue missing, but the Cambozola was M.I.A too) and I caved. Sure, I could’ve waited at the cheese counter. I just wasn’t in the mood.


Usually Saga is low key and kind of generic, bitter rinded, very brie-like. It’s rarely as creamy as I’d like. The wedge I picked up this weekend tasted like swampy iceberg lettuce, weirdly enough. Remind me not to fall for it again. I should know better by now. It’s the same thing with Pret a Manger’s sandwiches always being pricy and mayo-laden, and yet I still persist in buying them every so often.

I was amused to see that my taste is early ‘80s. The decade has been a recent treasure trove for fashion and music, so all things brie should really make a comeback. I’m waiting for blackened catfish, kiwis, and mud pie to return with a vengeance. Strangely, sushi’s never faded away.

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