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Please Don’t Force Me to Read a Book

CableguyIrksome: having no internet, phone or television for four days. It can’t be a coincidence that as a new tenant moved into our building yesterday and the cable company was out setting him up that our cable inexplicably went out. Yet, our apartment is the only one of the four with a problem so Time Warner won’t consider it an outage and won’t come to see what’s going on until Friday. TV and phone won’t kill me but I can’t stand having no internet. I know it increases productivity (and I have plenty of friends with no computers, cell phones or TVs—in Portland, duh—and they survive) in the long run but I don’t feel like making life changes this week—I’m still in a post-vacation funk/readjustment period. I don't have any books to read, though I have a new New York, ReadyMade, Domino and Sabor (a pretty cool looking food magazine I picked up in D.F. but can only skim because it's in Spanish). James is losing his shit because he works all hours of the night (and doesn't read and can't entertain himself in an unplugged fashion). Honestly, I’ve never quite understood his schedule. He might get home at 7pm but will work from midnight to 3am downstairs. Now he’s going to have to make up this extra time in the office. Normally, it wouldn’t be the end of the world because the guy on the third floor doesn’t encrypt his wireless network. But um, he’s the person who moved out so the new tenant could fuck up our cable. This is actually posing a serious problem because we have to pick my mom up from the airport at 4pm on Friday and I had planned on taking a half-day and working from home in the morning. Now, I’ll have to go into the office for four hours (which feels needless) or use a full personal day. Plus, the cable guy (I really didn't want to think about Jim Carrey today or ever) is supposed to come between 1-4pm and you know how reliable those numbers are. And we need to leave by 3pm to get to Newark in time. I’m actually getting more annoyed as I type this. How am I going to post all of my brilliant thoughts on tacos and Nuevo Mexican cuisine without web access at home? (I don’t even have time at work because I’m a week behind still.)

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  1. Yuri K. #

    I’m pretty much personally at war with Time Warner (and Verizon, once I switched!) as to their respective service. What America needs is an enormous freaking wireless network that is essentialyl as utility. And serious penaties on ISPs for outages.

    June 6, 2007

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