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Now That’s a Green Grocer


How come no one told me there were green Peeps this year? Non-vegetable green food is my passion. I liked Target’s red Peeps out of sheer novelty but red is not Easter. Sea foam green totally is.

Green_peeps_boxes_3I’m not one to get all wound up over supersizing but I’m pretty sure that single boxes were the norm when I was a kid. Now, you’re forced to buy three-packs that are tantalizingly cheap. Despite the $1.29 price on these, they were only 99-cents at CVS and probably elsewhere too. Fifteen Peeps for a buck seems like a bargain, though I discovered that a serving is five marshmallow chicks.

  Really, 140 calories of sugar and fluff is kind of benign in the scheme of things, especially considering I’m about to head out for a decadent Easter barrage at East Buffet. What’s more festive than all you can eat peking duck, crab legs and shrimp dumplings?

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