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Scrape Books Sous Vide

1. (German Google) Life in the Paki shop/ What do you call an Indian with an apple on his head?……

Marc3_2 Um, I don't know. What do you call an Indian with an apple on his head? I tried coming up with a punch line before looking online (Fruit Salaam? William Tamil? Ok, those aren’t even close to sensible or clever) but I’m totally stumped. Oh wow, I was on the right track, it’s William Patel. Germans are a funny people, nein?

2. why does marc marrone wear turtlenecks?

Well, the obvious answer would be duh, because he loves animals and turtles are an animal. Turtlenecks fall into two camps: debonair and dorky. And we all know Marc doesn’t fall into the first group.

Marc1_1  Actually, the obsessive bird ladies on this Pionus Parrot message board emailed Marc and nice guy that he is, responded:

“I was savaged by a monkey many years ago that left me with a bad scar on my neck and that is why my neck is always covered-plus Harry is always on my shoulder so the turtleneck keeps all the microphone wires hidden from him-he has destroyed many expensive electronic pieces.”

There you go. A real answer, no joke.

3. shit sous vide

Marc4 So, that Cocina de Vanguardia craze has finally devolved to this? Talk about hot shit, maybe this is the sort of “molecular gastronomy” pretentious, wolverine-headed Marcel, Top Chef 2’s new villain, practices. I wouldn’t mind seeing a steamy poop amuse bouche with a little urine foam on the side make its way onto TV.

4. family  air loom receipt scrapbooks

Marcmarrone2 I only mention this query because while they mangled heirloom, at least they got scrapbook right. The other day at work some nut emailed a request (I’d intentionally forgotten how it was to work with the public) for a photo the paper had run of Janet Jackson in a bikini and hip high boots that he needed for his scrape book. I don’t want to enable anyone with celebrity scrape books. Now, if he said he needed the sexy pic for a family air loom, I might’ve complied.

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