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Skirting the Issue

My hot dog piece ended up getting mushed into a larger round up of summer eats, but it's all in there.

And since Sunday is about randomness, so allow me to share a few things that have nothing to do with anything.

When it's like 90% humidity and close to 100 degrees I can't stand seeing people wearing sweaters. I mean, the word sweat is right in there. I have been noticing women (not a ton, but enough to catch my attention) on my morning commute with full on winter wear and it scares me. I understand if you live someplace where you go straight from an air conditioned home to an air conditioned car to an air conditioned office. But in NYC the average person is cruelly subjected to the elements for extended periods of time. And no, it doesn't make you tougher, it makes you whinier.

Also, it peeves me when people use umbrellas when it's not raining. Yes, it's like a rain forest out there, but an umbrella can't protect against hot moist air. This peculiarity seems to cut across genders and age ranges. And it's not being done like in Asia where people use umbrellas to block the sun. Skirt_1It could be argued that this practice isn't hurting anyone so I should shut up. But taking up unnecessary amounts of sidewalk space affects all of humanity.

This Gap skirt  is becoming the bane of my existence. I bought it last month because it was colorful, relatively cute and most importantly, cheap (it was $19.99 in the store). Now, I see at least one woman a day wearing it (the pink version, not the blue one that's remaining on the website). I guess that's the problem with chain clothing. This skirt is the great unifier. So far I've seen it on skinny and plump ladies, as well as on white, Asian and black women.

Speaking of chain clothing, I was disturbed and confused when I started receiving Good Housekeeping in the mail a few months ago. I would never subscribe to a magazine with Tom Cruise and Rachael Ray on the covers. I eventually figured out that it's a replacement publication for the now defunct Budget Living. It's so not a fair trade. Though by the end of BL's tenure they were showing $90 candy dishes and the like. Despite all of the saving your marriage and helping your children crap (there was this hideous advice column last month where one woman was complaining how coworker would also whisper to her loudly in meetings and make her look bad. And the response was to say something direct along the lines of "Kathy, please be quiet. I really want to hear what Mr. Dickwad has to say." So, women [who are always support staff] commonly address their bosses [who are always men] using their surname like they're in grade school or employed as maids?) in the pages of GH, they do have budget-minded "fashion" spreads. I haven't looked at a magazine in ages that actually includes clothing from Kmart and JC Penny.

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