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Post-Easter Bliss

Target422 I've been on a few NYC Target excursions since my last Linden, NJ adventure, but they were nothing to write home about. I always feel more satisfied by New Jersey, and it's reflected in my receipts. I blew $131 like it was nothing.

That's what happens when you buy clothes. I mean, the most expensive thing I bought was a green and brown striped drop waist dress for $24. $131 wouldn't even get you a dress at many stores. I also picked up a black drapey number for $19 (which I think might be too big, believe it or not, and now I'm having a dilemma because I doubt they'll have much of a selection to choose an exchange from at the closer Atlantic Center Target). And a couple springy pastel shirts, one with cute pink glass-like buttons.

All Easter candy was 75% off, and unlike the marked down holiday sweets aisles I've seen in NYC, there was still abundance. Rows and rows of pastel goodness. I limited myself to a 47-cent four-pack of Cadbury eggs.

I also picked up a $9.99 cherry printed Luella Bartley bag, Neutrogena moisturizer, Kashi granola bars, Clairol Herbal Essences conditioner (I've just started buying this brand because it actually does smell nice, but I wouldn't for years because I hated their orgasmic commericals so much) Always maxi pads (don't laugh-I know people think pad-wearers are losers, but you can't stop me) and a most surprising wood grain pillow that matches the skirt I bought back in January.

Target * 621 W Edgar Rd., Linden, NJ

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