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Bronx Cheer(less)

Bronx Apparently, the boomlet of chains popping up in the Bronx isn't making everyone happy. I can't honestly speak about the independent retailers that the newcomers might be displacing because Bronx knowledge isn't my strength. I go up to Queens, down to Staten Island and over to New Jersey, but never ever hit Westchester or the path from upper Manhattan through the Bronx. It's just not on my way to anything (well, Stew Leonard's, but only once).

I think it's odd when people worry about glut while they're still amenity starved. I've lived in neighborhoods where the only chains were uninspiring fast food hawkers like KFC, Subway and Burger King. No Laundromats, banks, drug stores or substantial grocery stores. Residents would've killed for a crappy C-Town or CVS. Or at least, I would've.

Now Brooklyn, they know how to embrace a chain store. Target number three is on Flatbush's horizon. And what's this about a Legal Seafood on site? Highbrow.

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