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Italians are Not Like Us

I've been so horrifically bogged down that I'm now paralyzed and wordless. Well, almost. I did find the time to squeeze in some vaguely (and I do mean vaguely) food related blah blah on my blog (you know, I'm starting to get desensitized to that word and it really bothers me). Oh my goodness, I just intermittently watched the Olympic opening ceremonies. You don't need me to tell you how not American that spectacle is. Total over the top, Cirque du Soleil style bodysuit, face paint nuttiness, ending with a Ferrari screeching around on a stage doing cookies (the most American part of the whole thing) It kind of scared me a little. You only need look at mascots Neve and Gliz to delve deeper into peculiar foreign aesthetics. At least they're cuter than '04s Phevos and Athena.

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