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Groundnuts, Pilli Pilli and Yams, Oh My

FufuI’ve always wondered why there wasn’t more written about African food. I guess South America doesn’t get a ton of ink either, but Buenos Aires is trendy these days. Even all those random (to me) countries like Montenegro, Estonia and “The Stans” (Uzbeki, Tajiki, etc.) seem to be popping up more and more. But Africa? Not so much. And it’s not as if I have any wisdom to impart, that’s why I want to know more about what they eat, and not just Morocco or South Africa. I mean, Africa contains 54 countries so there’s got to be something good in there.

That’s why I was glad to see ”A Taste of Ghana” in this week’s New York Times (interestingly, it’s currently the fourth most emailed article—New Yorkers want more African food!). Also, Robert Sietsema’s “Foo-foo Fundamentals” in October’s Gourmet. Gourmet doesn’t put much of anything online, but it’s an article about traveling around the U.S. and trying African restaurants. I don’t have the story on me, but I recall he went to D.C. and Texas, among other places. Ok, that’s only two major publications, but it’s something.

NYC has a smattering of Ethiopian restaurants and that Senegalese strip on 116th St., but I plead ignorance on much else. I think I have a preconceived notion that much of the food will be bland and stewy, which is likely false. I’d better get out there and find out.

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  1. I should try some more ethnic foods myself:) That article in the Times made me wanna head over there on a plane and grab whatever was sitting on that head of hers.

    February 4, 2006

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