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Two Floors of Fun

I've steered clear of New York & Company for quite some time. I don't want to relapse with my store credit card usage and I've been trying to wean myself from shimmer and acrylic blends. But I couldn't stay away from their dazzling new midtown location since it's only three blocks from my new job.

The store is a classy, shiny two-floor joint with an escalator, Fischerspooner on the airwaves and no trademark clearance section. What Manhattan will do to a sleazy (not Rainbow sleazy, but Eva Longoria [their new spokeswoman] sleazy. Like their recent press release says "New York & Company offers an extensive selection of sexy fashions at great value.") suburban chain.

But perhaps to make up for the lack of disheveled $9.99 racks, they were having a sale on just about everything. I ended up with three sweaters and two shirts for $66, not bad. Though as usual, once I actually assessed my purchases in the safety of my own home (I never try anything on before buying), two of the five just didn't work. One sweater was just too sparkly and garish and the blouse had belled sleeves which weren't initially obvious, egads.

New York and Company * 715 Lexington Ave., New York, NY

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