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DuMont Burger

I don't know why I spent the past two weekends traipsing around Williamsburg (I've tried to avoid the area for the past few years. I had a couple of innocent beers at Zablozki's and was totally scared by the riff raff, all entourage minus the star teeming out of SEA onto N. 6th St. Where do these baseball capped phantoms come from? It doesn't seem worth the travel effort from New Jersey or Long Island. Or from Bay Ridge or Bayside, for that matter) but at least this Saturday I managed to keep my food and drink in my stomach and out of public spaces.

Always the pessimist, I didn't have much faith that DuMont Burger, which somehow became the out-of-the-blue focus of two of the four members I was with, would still be open after 1am, but we were in luck.

The room was comfortably sparse, woody and counter and stool style. I'm more of a booth gal, but eating at the bar felt more personal like our burgers were being crafted just for us (well, technically they were since after the first ten minutes we were the lone diners).

Dumontburger We ordered various permutations, a veggie burger, a mini and two regular burgers, fries and a salad chosen for sides. I can only speak for my own, a medium-rare gruyere topped burger with fries. Having a few drinks under your belt always makes food a little tastier, but I truly think this meal was top notch. The meat was juicy, if not more rare than medium (I like a pink patty, but sticklers should probably order a notch more done than usual) and slightly sweet, perhaps from Worcestershire sauce. I don't think the sweetness of the brioche bun alone would've caused this. They come thick, and with the addition of tomato slice, onion rounds, sweet pickles and lettuce leaf it's a tad too tall. I guess the baby-mouthed could opt for the mini, but I wanted my full 9 ounces, just squished down slightly.

The parsley flecked fries pretty were right on, neither too thick or thin, nor too soggy or crispy. I've never been able to order a side salad when fried potatoes are an option. Though as of January 9 I'm supposed to be eating healthier, I'm not sure how DuMont Burger might fit into my proposed betterment plan. Moderation, right?

DuMont Burger * 314 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, NY

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