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Down the Lane

Home_b_aug05 Brylane Home, there's got to be a little Lane Bryant in there, right? Well, they have the same parent company. This is their housewares venture (no, not curtains for fat folks) and it's kind of like a step down from those hodgepodge aisles at Marshall's that are always a mess. Everything feels (visually, obviously I can't touch the goods) cheap.

But from sooty lumpy coal comes diamonds. I often prefer the bottom of the barrel to the middle of the Pottery Barn road because at least I know no one else that I know will have these items (everyone I know has practically the same Ikea and Target goods). And while the vast majority of Brylane Home's offerings suck, at least two or three gems will jump out while thumbing through.

These tables could be straight from PB Teen and are more reasonably priced than that spoiled brat fare. I was hoping this dog bedding set would have a cat counterpart, but no luck. There was a photo image kitten comforter  that I was dying for at Wing On in Hong Kong, but it was too pricy for me (roughly something like $140). I even got sucked in by the hideous pro sports crap and thought it would be funny to buy James a Redskins furry pillow shaped like a football helmet, but there was no D.C. team to be found.

No felines, no Redskins?what kind of half-assed operation is this anyway?! Well, I've yet to order a single item from Brylane, but I always give the catalog a read before tossing.

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