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And People Complain About “Gourmet”

Happy times, my fall Kraft Food & Family magazine has arrived in the mail. I was first disturbed/charmed by an unsolicited Spanish language edition that was mailed to me at my former address. The goal of this advertorial/publication appears to be using as many Kraft owned brands in a single recipe and convincing readers this is good eats. It almost makes Sandra Lee look like Thomas Keller.

My favorite recipe of this issue wasn’t only mildly grotesque: easy baked fish and chips using KRAFT LIGHT DONE RIGHT! Zesty Italian Reduced Fat Dressing (they love putting salad dressing where it doesn’t belong) to toss with the potatoes, and MIRACLE WHIP Light Dressing to swab on the fish before dredging it in SHAKE 'N BAKE Extra Crispy Seasoned Coating Mix (all Kraft products have very long names and lots of capitals). Surprisingly, they call for fresh fish, probably only because they don’t own any brands like Gorton’s.

While the savory stuff tends to be scary, the desserts actually look good. But my sweet tooth tends to run very mainstream, i.e. super sugary, fatty, lots of clutter. Basil pink peppercorn granita type concoctions just don’t do it for me like caramel cheesecake bars do.

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