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Walking on Air

Okay, I'm coming clean. I have a perverse love of Aerosoles even though it's slightly shameful. It's not like I'm fawning over Easy Spirit, right? It started innocently when I was temping in midtown two summers ago. A pair of purple suede d'Orsay pumps caught my eye from the window. And even with my painfully pathetic $11 hourly wage, I could sort of swing the $19.99 price tag. These shoes were actually borderline stylish and crazy comfortable.

I've since picked up a weirdo pair per summer at DSW. 2004 induced me to buy strange gold-silver'70s slip-ons with a squishy fake cork heel. They're garish, gauche and middle aged, but they're a great go-to lazy shoe. This year's version has the same sole, but in bright fuchsia leather with vertical cut outs all around. People frequently stare at my feet when I wear either pair, maybe because they're baffled, maybe because they're wowed (I actually did get a compliment from a door person on the pink clodhoppers). Neither of these styles are online, and likely for good reason.

Yesterday I went wild and purchased my second summer 2005 (well, technically spring) pair. A brand new Aerosoles storefront recently appeared one door down from my office, just on the other side of one of the last remaining Pret a Mangers. This time I chose metallic emerald green sandals that aren't half freaky, though they might be a touch too spindly and high heeled for comfort (2" is my max for everyday use). So I'm weighing the necessity of owning them. Plus, they cost a whopping $59. Yeah, yeah, we're not even approaching Jimmy Choo territory, but I?m still not blessed with much disposable income. 

Aerosoles * Various NYC locations, primarily 293 Madison Ave., New York, NY

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