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I was tentative at first, but I'm really starting to dig Stop & Shop. In many ways it's the anti-Western Beef, one of my favorite NYC grocery stores. The prices seem a little high (though not Manhattan high, and if you get a Stop & Shop card, which takes mere minutes because the staff is fairly competent and there aren't Eastern Bloc long lines, discounts abound) and the vibe is bizarrely suburban. And therein lies its charm.

The aisles are the widest I've seen in the area, they have parking garages, it's not agoraphobia-inducingly crowded and the selection is borderline bountiful. It's not like you're relegated to two or three brands per item. I wanted oatmeal and there was at least 30 sq. ft. devoted to my breakfast staple. And it's the little touches like the florist section with mylar balloons, the automated bottle return section, free ranging toiletries not imprisoned behind a customer service counter. Classy, you know?

I can only vouch for the Queens locations, so far I've tried Glendale, Maspeth and Long Island City. Unfortunately, there aren't any S&Ss nearby, the closest being in Kensington, which I have doubts about. I don't believe the Kings County hype, there?s nothing remotely cool or hip about the borough's sorry grocery stores.

(Super) Stop & Shop * Various outer borough locations, New England is their base

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