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I think this place is closed/in flux (4/06)

I'm not a brunch person. I like the concept, but the dining event takes
effort. And really, its a social affair. Friends meeting friends from the
neighborhood. Youngsters placating visiting parents. And depending where you
live, brunch is a playground substitute. If anything I shy away in Carroll
Gardens because I find strollers, drool and colic less than appetizing.

But we ventured out on a sunny Sunday morning anyway. Banania is one of
the more popular brunch spots in the area (my out of town sister and
boyfriend nosed it out unaided on their last visit), I'm not sure why, the
food is standard fare, I guess the prices are fair, there is outdoor seating
and a complimentary bread basket, complete with chocolate croissant. Thanks
to the nature loving throngs who adore dining al fresco (I generally don't)
there were actually free tables inside during prime time. No complaints
there. James and I went Hollandaise crazy and ordered eggs benedict and
Florentine, respectively (I never realized people had such issues with
Hollandaise. The woman on my right ordered Florentine minus the sauce,
though clearly wasn't fat-phobic since she ordered an extra plate of bacon.
The woman on my left wanted her Hollandaise on the side. Why don't they just
order egg white omelets and be done with it?). They were pleasant enough
renditions and came with home fries and salad greens. It's doubtful I'd
return any time soon, no fault of Banania, brunch is just a very occasional

Banania * 241 Smith St., Brooklyn, NY

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