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Rainbows I Have Known

Fulton Mall: According to mapquest, this location is equidistant to my apt. as the Park Slope store, yet I rarely frequent Fulton Mall except to go to Junior's. I've never been able to figure out why downtown Brooklyn is predominantly black (and why downtown Brooklyn is walking distance from Manhattan while downtown Queens is at the borough's furthest reaches. What does downtown mean exactly?). The area is more municipal and commercial, not really residential, so it's not necessarily like the clientele reflects nearby residents. Shoppers are drawn there for reasons I don't quite understand. The one time I did visit this Rainbow, my scary upstairs neighbor (who happens to be black and recently moved to NYC, which was what got me to wondering about choice of shopping district. Like she'd only been the city a few months and had already decided that Fulton Mall was where she should be or wanted to be. It?s weird. I always try to avoid people like me.) was there and I hightailed it out fast.

Greenpoint: I've only been once, over six years ago to return too tight (Rainbow clothes lean towards short, snug and body hugging, it's often wise to buy larger sizes unless you want to look like a hooker) items I bought during my virgin voyage in Ridgewood.

Park Slope: The lamest I've encountered. Way too small and impossible to squeeze between racks. Poor shoe selection and if you go upstairs to look at them a bell goes off and an employee will follow behind and keep their eye on you while you're browsing.

Sunset Park: Much better now that they've revamped. They only recently got a plus size section and it's housed upstairs in a huge space with plenty of shoes. This new incarnation rivals, and possibly surpasses the one near the Empire State Building. Too bad I don't live walking distance anymore.

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