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It's the former Max Court space, which I never really got to know. There's
so much Italian food in the neighborhood and I'm rarely inspired to sample
any of it, but we were suffering car withdrawal due to it being stuck drifts
of ice and wanted someplace close and walkable. Thats Fragole (I've never
heard it pronounced aloud, but I cant help but think of it sounding like
Fraggle, as in “Fraggle Rock”). But the experience started off
poorly when we were seated at a table a half inch from loud party of three
when there were other available tables. They totally dampened our spirits,
and the mood suddenly turned sour, which seems to happen every now and then
at restaurants and the food is unable to rescue an initial bad impression.
Atmosphere is important. So, we only had one thing each, no appetizer, no
dessert. My porcini ravioli was perfectly fine. We had much more fun at
Juniors, where we trudged for dessert afterward. Bolstered by a shared
bottle of wine, the chilly trek was like nothing.

Fragole * 394 Court St.,
Brooklyn, NY

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  1. Marlee #

    Hey K G ~
    Love your site ….’Thank You’WVSR~
    Oh, the proper pronounceation (sp) of Fragole is …
    Fra ~jewel ~lee I am italian lol …..

    March 21, 2007
  2. Thanks for the tip. I still want to call it Fraggle for some reason.

    March 23, 2007

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