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Suburbanization is OK if it Means Cheap Soy Cheese

This will have to be looked into, I've heard rumors of a proposed Trader Joe's in either the Upper West Side or Union Square (or heaven forbid, both spots). A year ago I might've been rejoicing, but as an increasingly jaded crab of a person this news doesn't fill me with elation. The New Jersey locations have become nearly unbearable; I can't even imagine how this will translate in Manhattan. Maybe I secretly revel in reverse exclusivity, the ability to frequent out-of-the-city locales, and now any ol' NYC riff raff will have equal access to peeled chestnuts, lump crabmeat or Plugra butter for a fraction of Dean & DeLuca's (or shitty Met and Key Foods, for that matter) prices. It's so indecent.

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