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Year of New Editions

I don’t know why its taken me half the year to get down to business here. Keeping up with new foods is highly important work, but sometimes work, school and socializing get in the way. Anyhoo, I’ve been pretty happy with all the new, unusual flavors and colors being concocted lately. But now everyone’s declaring these new items to be “limited edition,” as if to ensure prompt purchases. Living in NYC stresses me out enough already, I don’t need the added pressure of catching goodies before they’re gone.

The white and dark chocolate Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Kit Kats fall under this umbrella. I do like that white chocolate, perhaps a little out of novelty and a little out of an upbringing filled with bad taste. I don’t know why white chocolate carries a bourgeois, trashy stigma. Neon orange, glowing Mountain Dew Live Wire is also purported to only be on shelves temporarily. I don’t drink soda, so good riddance. Uh Oh Oreos are inside out and for a limited time only! It’s got nothing to do with Oreos, but has anyone seen the Sealab 2021 episode that makes crazy use of “uh-oh?” If not, there’ s no explaining.

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