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Mexican-Asian, huh. In this fusion crazy city (I don't know, are people
still into fusion?), why not go a little wild? I must have walked past this
place at least 500 times in my NYC life (my most frequented bar is on the
next block), so after five years, it had to be done.

The flavor combinations are relatively restrained, in practice. James
had fish tacos, which were only unusual with the inclusion of a spicy, honey
mustard dipping sauce. I tried the unadventurous diner's favorite: roast
chicken. I only did so because I'm a sucker for sides. They totally make the
meal, and the idea of espresso, pomegranate black beans and chili butter
sweet potatoes coupled with chipotle honey-glazed chicken caught my
attention. The food was good, not amazing, but good. Certainly worth one
visit in half a decade.

Closed: Komodo is a goner.

Komodo * 186 Ave. A, New York, NY

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