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Sweet Mama’s


What an odd scene. I honestly think this was the first time I've ever
uttered the words, "we're the youngest ones here" in Williamsburg. The aim
was barbecue and for some inexplicable reason I deterred James from going to
Pearson's with the promise of ribs at the newly located Sweet Mama's. I also
told him not to beat me if they didn't have ribs on the menu, though how
could they not, billing themselves as Southern and all. Well, the ribs were
on the menu in print, but not in presence. They'd just run out. Blasphemy.
I'll chalk it up to grand opening kinks, but that's a bad thing. I had
chicken with white barbecue sauce that wasn't white. I don't know what white
barbecue sauce even is, but for some strange reason I thought it'd be white.

Things turned interesting when the restaurant closed up shop at 11pm.
The bar scene grew a bit, a jazzy band started playing and craggy
milk-drinking lesbians sat in the corner. I became freaked out by the 4'11,
tan, heavily banged blonde, 50-something in a hot pink polyester dress with
white pumps and lots o' makeup primping in the bathroom mirror. Next thing I
knew, she started cutting a rug. I was a little shocked at first, then a bit
soothed. It looks like a slice of Park Slope came with the restaurant's
move. Williamsburg could use a little scene-shifting. (5/11/02)

So, it's back in Park Slope and in a lesbian bar. I wouldn't even know
that if I hadn't been assigned the place to review for Time Out NY. Odd,
very odd. (3/1/03)

*Gone for good. (6/11/04)

Sweet Mama's * 559 Lorimer St., Brooklyn, NY

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