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BB Sandwich Bar

I knew the big deal was the cheesesteaks, and that's what I went for. What I
didn't quite realize was that that's the only item they serve. The
whole experience is mildly disorienting at first. It's unclear if you're
entering the right establishment, as the door is inside a hallway, reggae
music was playing and no signs or menus were anywhere in sight. Though the
front of the building proclaims BB Sandwich Bar, I feared I'd stepped into a
Jamaican pattie joint. "We only have the cheesesteaks sandwich" proclaimed
the quiet Eastern European counter woman. Well, good enough, that's what
we'd come for anyway. I love the absurdity. I thought Hero's Sweet Potatoes
was single-minded (I know they do Korean food now), but this took the cake.

The sandwiches are prepared in batches so ours were ready to go. They
are not traditional, nor claim to be, though I wouldn't deem them overly
foofy either. The deal breaker for many would be the substitution of kaiser
roll for Italian bread. That doesn't bother me, but I am sort of a purist
where the cheese whiz is concerned. They cram a good portion of meat topped
with caramelized onions, spicy pepper relish and scant provolone. That's my
only beef–more cheese taste. I mean, cheese is in the name, right? Of
course that didn't stop me from quickly devouring their cheesesteak and
contemplating a second. Too bad they're not open late Sat. nights, I could
really go for one now.

BB Sandwich Bar * 120 W. Third St., New York, NY

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