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Mike’s City Diner

There was a line out the door Sun. morning, which I took to be a good sign
(though I suppose lines are typical during the weekend brunch hours–not
that I would know, I only get up early enough to eat breakfast out like four
times a year). There was a long wait, but I didn't know anywhere else to go
in town and figured it'd be the same everywhere. I ordered what I think was
called an Emergency Room Special (scary, no?) and was treated to an obscene
amount of food: two huge pancakes, two eggs, almost half a plate of home
fries, three strips of bacon and two pieces of toast. It was pretty
impressive. What was even more impressive was the skinny guy sitting next to
us who ordered the exact thing after I did, and polished off the whole plate
and was digging into his pancakes while I was still picking at mine. My
dining companion ordered a side of corned beef hash and the portion almost
filled a dinner-sized plate. Not that quantity equals quality, but I was
pretty happy with the meal. The waffles also looked really good–maybe next
time. (8/19/01)

Mike's City Diner * 1714 Washington St., Boston, MA

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