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B is for blech. The place used to be called Bowery Bar, and I guess it used to be "cool" in a 90s cosmo-drinking sort of way. Not my idea of cool, mind you. I didn't see any beautiful people, just incompetent waitstaff, boring food and overpriced drinks.

It was one of those nights when I just couldn't make up my mind about anywhere to eat. I was open to anyplace between 13th St. and The Angelika, so lord only knows why I wandered in here. To add insult to injury, after having a heck of time getting the check, I was late to the opening of "Ghost World" and then I forgot my damn leftovers in the theater. The movie was great, my wild mushroom pizza with truffle oil was just OK…so the loss wasn't a total travesty.

B-Bar * 40 E. Fourth St., New York, NY

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