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Radio Perfecto

I'd met friends for drinks (well, beer and wine since they don't have a real
liquor license) here before and they didn't seem that impressed with the
food. Overpriced and small, or something along those lines. But I felt like
checking out Ave. B and this place seemed like the lesser of many evils.

I'll admit that the Cubano-style empanada starter was on the tiny side,
but nicely flaky and great with the tangy jicama (or whatever it was) slaw.
My roasted half chicken with pesto and fries was more than substantial. I
had leftovers galore. James insists the chicken pot pie was less than
filling, and then proceeded to order shrimp dumplings at Forbidden City like
45 min. later. It looked o.k. to me, but maybe the roast chicken was a
better choice. Topped with sangria and key lime pie, I thought the meal did
the trick. Nothing to write home about, but reasonably priced and not
completely blah as many east village choices.

RadioPerfecto * 190 Ave. B, New York, NY

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