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It's right near all the Indian hubbub on Sixth Street, yet manages to stand
on its own. Maybe it's Banjara's corner location that keeps it from blending
in with the rest though I'd say it stands out due to its inventive menu. You
won't find many of the Indian standbys you've grown accustomed to, as was
demonstrated by the obnoxious pregnant woman sitting behind me who was
loudly harassing the waiter about where the curry was. Who would go to
Banjara for dime a dozen curry when you can sample items like duphakt, which
is sort of like an Indian chicken pot pie (you don't have to get chicken).
The tasty eggplant-wrapped, coconutty, grilled shrimp is also worth an
appetizer mention. The only baffling part of the meal was at dessert, trying
to figure out how they got such a huge lemon to stuff sorbet into. Does
fruit expand when frozen? The thing was practically the size of a

Banjara * 97 First Ave., New York, NY

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