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Asia Cuisine

I haven't made a habit of mentioning Chinese take out joints. There just
doesn't really seem much point since the names and food all blur together
into one giant generic mass. I love Chinese food, but I'm so burnt out on
boring $4.50 lunch specials full of fried saucy stuff.

But the other day I was running errands during lunch and couldn't help
but notice this place with lots of handwritten signs in the window. Roast
pork bun $1.20 first caught my attention (I love pork buns), then what
really cracked me up was the one reading, "Chinese Pizza" in large print
with Scallion Pancake smaller beneath it. It reminded me of the Asian-run
Mexican place in my neighborhood with the "Chimichanga: Mexican Egg Roll"
sign in the window. The things people will do to entice wary customers. It
worked on me, though. Minor dim sum items could definitely add a lift to an
otherwise mediocre lunch.

Now, I'm a cheapskate first and foremost, so I usually pack a lunch, but
I've also been trying to eat healthier. But you can only eat carrots,
raisins and yogurt so many times a week before you break down. These
tempting little signs in the window were my downfall. I had to check this
place out.

I ordered a roast pork bun, scallion pancake and small hot and sour
soup. The total was under $5 and the results were pleasing. It was too much
food really. The soup contained preserved vegetables which to me always
makes hot sour soup that much better, though I'm not sure if they're really
supposed to be in there or not. The pancake was cut into seven filling
pieces. I couldn't even finish everything, which isn't like me. It wasn't
like the food was sublime or anything, but it got me out of a mini afternoon
rut and that counts for something.

Asia Cuisine * 218 Fifth Ave., Brooklyn, NY

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