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This place has been right under my nose and beneath the M tracks for the
past two and a half years, and yet I just now ventured within. I always
imagined the interior to be sort of akin to an un-remodeled Denny's with a
senior crowd. This guess was not far off. I didn't realize there were two
sides and that on this occasion, I'd chosen the diner entrance. I was
greeted by wood paneling and turquoise puffy seats like the place hadn't
been touched since the early 70's (possibly late 60's). I don't know if the
clientele has changed much in 30 years either. There were plenty of old guys
harassing one of the waitresses about her (one of many) boyfriends, some
better behaved elderly women who went to the restaurant section and MTA
workers who sat at the counter.

Oh yes, the food. It's nothing to write home about. Hamburgers, chicken
salad and the like, though the kids' menu is amusing with plates named after
animals like the Donkey. Don't go out of your way, but if for some strange
reason you find yourself on the M in Ridgewood, hop off and grab a bite to
eat. You'll probably get some free entertainment in the deal. (1/27/01)

It's gone! I only moved away a year ago and they've already changed the
neighborhood on me. I feel like an old-timer.

Maasbach's * 6694 Fresh Pond Rd., Ridgewood, NY

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